rene pauwels

I thank You for taking the time

to visit my site; it is a great honor for me


Dank voor Uw bezoek aan mijn web,het is een eer om jullie te begroeten


 .Every work You will see is painted and created with the love for art


Ieder werk is geschilderd en ontworpen met liefde voor Art


I wish You pleasure discovery the

paintings and the drawings which are a

part of my work

Ik wens jullie een aangename ontdekking van de schilderijen in acrylic,

de aquarellen en tekeningen,alsook de juweelontwerpen



Review written by Michel Humbert, French Academy Award, diplomat ,auther and poet

I deeply deeply admire RENE PAUWELS....For me, his Art is in line with the greatest belgium famous painters , such as ENSOR ,MAGRITTE, surrealisme , what is behind the reality....often hidden




Your artwork is outstanding and you should be very proud that your work was chosen from 718 entries whicch were submitted from around the world.  At every chance you should try to promote your exhibition success.


Light Space & Time    (Palm Springs,CA 92263 )

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Koptekst 2

Review written by Luc Lekens, Destelbergen, 1984. 

His career as a painter knew a remarkable evolution. In the beginning main themes were landscapes, sea views, flowers, like so many other painters. This gave him the opportunity to learn about painting materials, techniques, to learn how to construct a piece of art, …… , but very soon he learned this theme was too limiting for him, he could bring in beauty but not the ideas which attracted and obsessed him. His vision on society at that time was rather negative where he wanted to express his contestation against our society like war and violence, poverty and famine, corruption in church and government. From then on, people were to become more dominant in his art and consequently in his expressions through art which evolved into a refined display as from technical point more surrealistic though without surpassing the threshold of this kind of art. At this point new perspectives opened to him and he experienced that behind all of this there is much more than the superficiality which reached everybody, and penetrated his endeavours. He realised which possibilities can come from science and from there he developed his fantasies towards science-fiction images, a thinking world from ten determining his art until present. 

The central figure in his paintings is the woman, around whom everything is built up, from whom men are constantly reborn and at the same time perish. Strong realistic images slip into pure dream images evolving into almost unreal world, sometimes frightening, but as well strongly poetic. Occasionally he tears apart his figures, then again escalates into creations which appear inhuman, from the twilight zone, but with which we still feel connected despite their partly disfiguration. In some works of art he brings a symbolic evocation, and  others he glorifies higher values. Though all the time being human prevails in all its aspects, even when he surpasses the border of space, in such a way that he takes us into the largely unknown. In all his creations he does not only bring the creations of his fantasy, but as well his expression of deeper thinking of what is and what should be, and at the same time prove of his technical capabilities. Many things show his sense of composition, page padding, colour shades and so on, in short a mastership together with his creative capacity that defines the value of the artl

















Here the certification from the Weihai Art Museum

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