Contemporary art

rene pauwels

I  love to paint Animals and many pets

are like a part of the family and a painting  of them is a joy forever

Most of the paintings I do are from love of the animal world, the survival and those endangered  beautiful creatures

  Therefore I paint them for myself as well as 



Sea Eagle

Acrilic on canvas 85x85cm Award LightSpaceTim 10 th Annual AUG 2020 "Special Merit" for Sale

secretary bird

Acrylic paint Privately

Eagle eye

Acrylic paint 60 x50 cm Award winner for sale

Hawk attack

Acrylic on canvas, 60x40 cm for sale - in China


Watercolor, 30x30cm Award winner for sale - in China

Tiger,out of other dimensie

acrylic on canvas 100x80 cm for sale


Acrylic paint on canvas 30x30 cm Privately

My Cat's

Acrylic painting on canvas Award winner 80x100 cm for sale


Acrylic oncanvas ,30x30 cm for sale

Canadian Lynx

Acrylic paint on canvas 60x50 cm for sale

Wild cat

Acrylic paint on canvas 30x30 cm for Sale

Study Secretary bird

Lithograph, EA 65x50 cm Privatelly


Acrylic on canvas 50x60 cm for sale

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